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Copyrighting Databases

From: Anas R.
Subject: Copyrighting Databases
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 19:43:23 +0200


I've been thinking recently what could possibly make databases deserve 
copyright, in replay to 
the discussion about a GNU license for databases/dictionaries couple of moths 
ago here in this mailing list,
(Here's a brief summary of it:

So far, I concluded that since:
        - Natural languages doesn't have a structured architecture (A bilingual 
dictionary as a database)
    - Databases sometimes need very sensitive design efforts

We can copyright these 'creative' activities: 

    * UML/ERD Design (Normalizing)
    * Structuring something unstructured: Word definitions are not “Facts”,
       it seems like the only example for such an activity is 'Dictionaries'
           which seems in return; a good enough reason for copyrighting 

Best regards

 - Anas R.

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