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GSoC 2007 - I have a project idea and I'd like to know the GNU Project's

From: jonathan le vigouroux
Subject: GSoC 2007 - I have a project idea and I'd like to know the GNU Project's community opinion
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 15:42:22 +0100


First I want to excuse myself for the last message I sent. I shouldn't have said that GNU/Linux is complicated and I should always say GNU/Linux instead of Linux. That was irespectful and I want to apologize again for that.

Since my last message was deleted, I send you a new one because I truely need your help.

I am a 22 years old french student willing to join the GSoC 2007.

I have a project in my minds and I'm looking for a mentoring organisation which could help me out. I thought it might be GNU Project.

My project is to create a program between the GNU/Linux Manual (Man) and an HowTo. This program will be available for every GNU/Linux distributions and will be specific for each one. This program will allow the user to search information by typing an action or an objective (unlike the Man where you need to know the command name to access its information page). For instance, the user wants to change his IP address. With my program, he would type "change ip address" or "modify ip" (or something else) and then access an off-line tutorial that would shows him how to do that. So my program search system will be "objectives-oriented" or "action-oriented".

At the moment, I'm writting down my application form so I won't explain the whole ambitions I have for this project. But to make it quick, I want to create a concept based on the Wikipedia model for the tutorials provided by my program.

I would like to know if a community is already working on a similar project, if GNU Project could be interested in being my GSoC's mentor or if I am asking the right organisation.

Of course, your personnal opinion is more than expected.

Thanks for your help.

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