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Question about license legality

From: Geico Caveman
Subject: Question about license legality
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 12:23:38 -0700
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Are the following license terms legal / legally enforceable for some code I
am thinking of giving to a few friends :

"License : Currently closed source, will be released under draft GPLv3
currently under discussion at FSF. The expectation is that the released
code will be used and distributed in ways compliant with the ultimate GPLv3
license after that license is finalized. The author expressedly considers
GPLv2 to be inadequate protection for this work and disallows its use under
that or any other license except GPLv3. Until the GPLv3 license is
finalized, this work may be treated as proprietary. You may not in that
case distribute this work.
All rights reserved.
To summarize conditions of use / distribution :
Before GPLv3 is finalized - open source but proprietary. You may not
distribute this code without the author's explicit permission for each
such act of distribution and you must retain this notice in any
distributed code. You may not modify this code, even for personal use,
without informing the author of the changes.
After GPLv3 is finalized - this is open source under the terms of GPLv3."


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