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Re: What good open source statistical software is available?

From: irishhacker
Subject: Re: What good open source statistical software is available?
Date: 14 Apr 2007 18:00:41 -0700
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On Apr 13, 11:31 pm, Ben Pfaff <> wrote:
> "Robert" <> writes:
> > What about these DAP and PSPP projects? Are they fairly mature and
> > ready to use yet?
> I don't know whether I'd call PSPP mature, but we're actively
> working on making it better all the time.  Your suggestions and
> bug reports are welcomed.
> --
> "Long noun chains don't automatically imply security."
> --Bruce Schneier

At the moment, I'm looking for work and living in a rented room.
But when I get my own apartment ( hence my own home office), I'll
download your product, your user's manual, and kick the tires.
(i'm actually at an apple store now). Because I do want to see how far
your product is.

I'm looking in your tarball for test programs(programs written in
the , uh, PSPP
programming language, with corresponding printout files, to see that
the product was tested for that
example and any bugs that popped up were resolved).

I'm a little confused by what I see, though. Some files seem to have
some sample "SPSS" code, but mixed in with code
in a very different syntax, and maybe the printout is in the same
file(!), at the bottom of the file.
I'm a bit confused.

Now SPSS and PSPP are recursive, right? So you can have an assignment
statement, inside a while-loop, inside an if-else statement, etc. ,
you could do with any procedural language?

Also, I notice, looking at your Usenet postings, you never ever
mention PSPP. Why?

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