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NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 18 April 2007 NYLUG: Havoc Pennington and Bryan Cla

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 18 April 2007 NYLUG: Havoc Pennington and Bryan Clark on Mugshot Social/Attention Aggregation Service
Date: 16 Apr 2007 15:55:53 -0400

  what="official NYLUG announcement">

 From: Ron Guerin <>
 To: NYLUG Announcements <>
 Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 14:30:01 -0400 (EDT)
 Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG 4/18 Mtg. Havoc Pennington & Bryan Clark on
        Mugshot Social/Attention Aggregation Service

 Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
 76 9th Ave., b/w 15th and 16th St.
 4th Floor, enter near 16th Street

 *** RSVP Closes the day BEFORE meeting ***
 You must R.S.V.P. for EVERY meeting at this time.
 Register at
 Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge.
 Latecomers can sign in, but it means having to sign in and
 possibly wait a bit.

 PLEASE NOTE: There are no other procedures involved in attending
 NYLUG meetings other than those described here. (you are not
 required to enter into any agreements to attend)

                    Bryan Clark & Havoc Pennington
                                - on -
      The Mugshot social networking/attention aggregation service

   ** Please note important information about this meeting below **
   ******* This meeting is being held at Google, not at IBM *******

   People are using hundreds of web based applications running inside
   Firefox every day to get their work done.  While there are plenty of
   excellent desktop based applications, the time has passed for the Linux
   Desktop to continue ignoring the presence and usefulness of web
   applications. The GNOME Online Desktop is a mighty acronym for
   integrating online services people are already using with desktop as
   tightly as desktop applications are integrated now. Havoc and Bryan
   will be talking about this new Online Desktop vision and how they're
   using Mugshot to get there.

   Mugshot is an open project to create live social experiences around

   * Your Mugshot page pulls together activity from all your online
     accounts at one place on the web
   * Lets you share web links with individuals or groups in real time,
     and get live feedback when people visit those links
   * Lets you show off the music you listen to using services like iTunes,
     Rhapsody, Yahoo! Music, and others on your web site, blog
     or MySpace page
   * Keeps track of what your friends are doing online, on the web or live
     on your desktop
   * Allows you to create public or private groups around shared interests
   * Adds new live social experiences to existing applications and
     provides a platform for building new ones
   * Contributes to a leveling of the playing field between commercial and
     non-commercial content and service providers
   * Is designed for mainstream users, not just techies or IT departments
   * 100% open source, including the server and clients

   Mugshot works with mainstream applications like iTunes, Rhapsody,
   Yahoo! Music Engine, Firefox and Internet Explorer and currently
   supports Windows XP and Linux platforms, with limited support for
   Apple's OS X.

   To learn more about Mugshot, visit

 About Havoc Pennington
   Previously the lead desktop architect at Red Hat. Havoc Pennington was
   one of the earliest GNOME developers starting in 1998, and was the
   chair of the GNOME Foundation board for the first two years of its
   existence. Havoc also founded the project in 2000.

   Now a lead developer for the Mugshot project and Open Source's Oracle
   of the Linux Desktop, Havoc still gives regular time to feather
   intelligent prose that reins in GNOME hackers with a mix of software
   design and historical perspective that is hard to capture.

 About Bryan Clark
   Much to Havoc's chagrin, Bryan Clark used to make monkey noises for
   the Red Hat Desktop team as one of its Interaction Designers. Designing
   core elements of the desktop with projects like Evince, NetworkManager,
   and Sabayon Bryan then collaborated on designs with the OLPC project
   shortly before he began designing for the Mugshot team.

   A cowboy for change, Bryan is excited about returning to his desktop
   roots with the Online Desktop.

 Meeting Location
   Please note that this meeting will be held at Google, 76 9th Ave,
   4th floor, between 15th and 16th Streets, and not at IBM. This is
   the old Port Authority Building, and takes up the entire block.
   You want the entrance nearest 16th Ave.


 Free Refreshments!
   Google is also graciously providing refreshments during the
   meeting. For those of us here in the east who aren't used to a
   "Google spread", you're in for quite a treat. "New Google
   Cafeteria Crushes Competitors" Cafeterias" (New York Magazine)

   Our friends at Prentice-Hall kindly provide us with review copies
   of various new titles.  One of these could be yours, all you have
   to do is agree to review the book within a reasonable period of

 Swag (Give Away)
   During/after the meeting... unusually terrific swag may be given

   After the meeting ... Many of us have been meeting over at the
   Hog Pit starting around 8:15-8:30.

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