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From: nicolas bourdon
Subject: ideas...
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 11:43:22 +0200

I'm french and i may not speak perfectly please to forget my mystakes.
I'm a middle-level linux user, I'have some ideas to propose, but i don't know if they are good, and don't want to disturb you:
Hi ,
I know programing in c and bash, use shell commands , change configuration file ,download sometimes free software, and sometimes have idea of what would be good to do for gnu/linux.
But I think there is a big lack of a big forum about gnu and linux, which would permit to synchronyse different project /ideas /change to be done:
_for exemple if two guys decide to build a graphic program, they both work in there own place, arriving to two different programs,in a way such a thing is bad:because it's a wast of time, because there are good ideas in one of them and good ideas in the other but not the same, so we have to use them both,if at last the programmers decide to merge the two program it's hard to do.
_for exemple one thing I find bad in unix/linux/gnu, is that there is lot of different configuration file format, an Idea would be to change all of them, for exemple in xml and to, but a program for the terminal in order to permit to still edit configuration files in console, but it needs to ask to every programmers of every part of  gnu / linux to change it, it can be done by  a common forum.
_it's the same for different languages used in gnu linux : bash python etc.... etc.... , for arguments in command line, for the place of configuration files and data file for each program etc...etc...
_advice of beginers should bring programmers to act a little bit differently.

what do you think about that?
thank you
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