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Comunity Service

From: saecladi
Subject: Comunity Service
Date: 14 May 2007 11:09:50 -0700
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I am a software developer who has contributed to several open source
projects in the past.  Although I have not done so recently (busy,
busy, busy).

Due to some personal matters I have to complete 150 hours of community
service.  Although the streets of my "real world" community could use
a good cleaning, I would much rather donate code to a worthy cause.
Has anyone ever heard of a case where someone worked on an OS project
as a form of community service?
Google turned up a few vague hints, but nothing concrete so I thought
I would post the question here.

My background is mostly C/C++ and x86 assembly.  Although recently,
(due to new employment) I have acquired several Microsoft
qualifications for MSSQL and C#.  If anyone could recommend a course
of action, or refer me to an article / blog about someone with a
similar problem, please let me know.

The best way to contact me would be by posting here, for posterity,
and because due to the nature of the inquiry I will not be divulging
any personal contact details.


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