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Re: GPL question

From: Richard Tobin
Subject: Re: GPL question
Date: 17 May 2007 20:17:10 GMT

In article <>,
John Hasler  <> wrote:

>> But the GPL only covers distribution.  Even if the original author has
>> some of the responsibility for the act of creating the derivative
>> in-memory image, the GPL does not apply to that act.  If you don't
>> distribute the derivative work, where does the GPL come into it?

>The original author might be found liable for contributory infringement.

On the face of it, no-one has distributed a derivative work, so that
there is no infringement to contribute to.  But David's theory that
the two acts together constitute distribution might be correct.

-- Richard
"Consideration shall be given to the need for as many as 32 characters
in some alphabets" - X3.4, 1963.

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