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Re: Question about GPL theft

From: mike3
Subject: Re: Question about GPL theft
Date: 22 May 2007 11:42:53 -0700
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On May 21, 5:46 pm, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <> wrote:
> Seg, 2007-05-21 às 15:43 -0700, mike3 escreveu:
> > Which is why I don't use the term myself. But I know what people
> > are referring to when they use it, and so I provided what seemed
> > like a plausible clarification so that the essence of what was
> > being said could be kept in the discussion and not have things get
> > caught up in semantics, thereby diverting it from the topic at hand.
> Why do people so frequently think that "semantics" is a bad thing that
> should be avoided for fear of disgust and puke?

There's nothing bad about it, but I think it would be more productive
to get back to the original topic at hand. The text of the original
cannot be changed, so dragging on forever and ever about his use
of "theft" is *not* going to advance discussion on that original

> If you don't pay attention to semantics you miscommunicate. You say
> things that aren't and don't say things that are.

Regardless, this has already been defined, and it must be realized
that it cannot be changed -- it's the past, not the future! You can't
change the past!

> There's no need to say things in an incorrect form just because some do
> so. You help them understand better by not feeding their bad-semantics.
> Maybe you could offer them a dictionary with the words steal and copy
> underlined :)

I'm not "feeding" it, if you mean _supporting_ it, I am _clarifying_
what it
means _so that discussion can resume on the original subject_. I don't
like the term, but it was written in the original post and there's NO
to change that.

> Rui
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