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Re: Did I finally figure out the rationale?

From: mike3
Subject: Re: Did I finally figure out the rationale?
Date: 26 May 2007 13:00:07 -0700
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On May 26, 1:32 pm, David Kastrup <> wrote:
> Now most software "licenses" purport not at all to be licenses, namely
> permissions for doing something.  Instead they purport to be
> contracts: that is why you have to click "I agree" and similar stuff.
> In that case, a legal defense can actually be that you can't enter
> into a contract by clicking on a button on some screen.

I know this isn't really relevant to the question at hand but I just
had to ask. Since the license is actually a contract, then does
that mean, that, say, if a child under the age of 18 were to
install the software, they would be free to ignore any restriction
that it imposes that is not imposed otherwise by copyright law,
since minors cannot enter into a legally binding contract?

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