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Re: Did I finally figure out the rationale?

From: Rui Miguel Silva Seabra
Subject: Re: Did I finally figure out the rationale?
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 22:30:59 +0100

Ter, 2007-05-29 às 14:57 -0500, John Hasler escreveu:
> I wrote:
> > In the US no license is needed to buy, own, or use a legitimate copy of a
> > book, CD, etc.  Copyright law does not enter into the matter at all.  It
> > is simply the purchase of a tangible object.  A license is only needed if
> > you want to make copies beyond those permitted by law.
> Rui Miguel Silva Seabra writes:
> > Hello? Buying the book is precisely your license to that copy
> Possession or sale of copies (copies are tangible objects) is not among the
> exclusive rights of the copyright owner in the US.  Therefor copyright is
> not relevant to sale of legitimate copies and no license is required to
> purchase or possess one.

'nuff said.

> > That's the reason why you can't legally xerox it, in most conditions,
> > because then you don't have a licensed copy
> No.  It is copyright infringment to xerox a book in most circumstances
> because the creation of copies is one of the exclusive rights of the
> copyright owner.

Just what I said. Can't you read English? :)


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