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Re: GPLv3 comedy unfolding -- SYS-CON: "Microsoft Spits in GPL Creator R

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: GPLv3 comedy unfolding -- SYS-CON: "Microsoft Spits in GPL Creator Richard Stallman's Eye"
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2007 16:12:21 +0200

Great picture - follow the link :-)

Microsoft Spits in GPL Creator Richard Stallman's Eye

Xandros is also supposed to ship Open XML-OpenDocument translators in
its desktop software

By: XML News Desk
Jun. 8, 2007 09:15 AM
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Goodness, didn't Microsoft just spit in Richard Stallman's eye?

The GPL creator's attempts to stop Microsoft from cutting any more of
those patent-protection deals like the one it cut with Novell don't
quite seem to be working.

The last draft of the Microsoft-limiting GPLv3 was barely in circulation
when Microsoft announced first thing Monday morning that it had pocketed
a five-year deal with the little 80-man Debian commercializer Xandros,
the New York outfit that bought Corel's Linux distribution, the code
that used to be underneath Linspire (nee Lindows), a company more
associated with the desktop than the server.

Microsoft's press release also mentioned deals it has with JBoss and
Zend Technologies and XenSource and the ones with Samsung and Novell,
which are not all the same.

Like Novell, Microsoft is promising Xandros' users enhanced
interoperability and patent immunity. The financial arrangements are
being kept undercover. Reportedly Xandros is paying Microsoft. Unlike
Novell, Microsoft won't be distributing any support coupons. It will
however endorse Xandros as a "preferred distribution" and get some sales
and marketing initiatives going.

The way the patent protection was described, "Microsoft will make
available patent covenants for Xandros customers. These covenants will
provide customers with confidence that the Xandros technologies they use
and deploy in their environments are compliant with Microsoft's
intellectual property. By putting a framework in place to share
intellectual property, Xandros and Microsoft can speed the development
of interoperable solutions."

These covenants are supposed to be virtually identical to the guarantees
given to Novell customers.

The statement Xandros CEO Andy Typaldos was handing out about the GPL
threat - considering that Novell-like deals cut after March 28 are
supposed to be outlawed by GPLv3 - reads: "We will not speculate on the
impact of GPLv3 on this agreement as it is still a draft. In general,
Microsoft has been and will remain focused on building a bridge between
the worlds of proprietary and open source software. This is something
customers have requested to address their interoperability and IP needs
in a mixed source environment and something we are committed to

Right. Microsoft and Xandros cut the deal in terms of GPLv2 and if GPLv3
kicks in - and Xandros can't distribute GPLv3 code - they get to be on
the side of the angels and the Free Software contingent gets demonized.

Wonder how that would go down with a jury.

The arrangement is supposed to have Xandros and Microsoft partner on
next-generation systems management, get WS-Management protocols
implemented in Xandros' Bridgeways cross-platform management products,
and get Xandros involved in systems management standardization efforts.

Xandros is licensing what was described as a "broad set" of Microsoft
server communication protocols and it's supposed to develop hooks in its
Linux server so it works with Windows Server in a network.

Xandros is also supposed to ship Open XML-OpenDocument translators in
its desktop software and become a member of Microsoft's Interop Vendor


"Moglen had remarked: 'Anything that is worth copying is worth sharing.'
He also argued: 'The more we give away, the richer we become.' "

     -- Free Software's Moglen Canvasses His Sharing Message In India

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