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NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 12 June 2007 Lisp NYC: Anton van Straaten will speak

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 12 June 2007 Lisp NYC: Anton van Straaten will speak on R6RS, the proposed Six Times Revised Standard for the Algorithmic Language Scheme
Date: 11 Jun 2007 17:10:54 -0400

  what="official Lisp NYC announcement"
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 From: Heow Eide-Goodman <>
 Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 10:46:52 -0400

 Please join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, June 12th from 7:00
 to 9:00 at Trinity Lutheran Church.

 "Anton Unplugged: Pontifications of the R6RS Process"  :-)

 Anton van Straaten, a member of the Scheme Editors Committee,
 will host an unscripted free-form presentation/discussion on this
 groundbreaking work.

 Here is Anton's Letter of Appointment:

 Here is the most recent R6RS proposed standard:

 Anton van Straaten is a consultant and software developer with a
 strong interest in the design and development of programming
 languages. He developed the award-winning software product
 Class(y), an object-oriented language extension to the Clipper
 database language.  Class(y) extended the Clipper language by
 adding the ability to create user-defined classes, creating a
 true object-oriented language, with features such as multiple
 inheritance and a Smalltalk-style meta-object protocol, based on
 metaclasses.  He also co-developed ExoSpace, a protected-mode
 linker for Clipper which eliminated memory limitations.  ExoSpace
 was subsequently acquired by Computer Associates, a major
 software vendor, and bundled with CA-Clipper.

 Anton developed SchemeDS, an executable version of the formal
 denotational semantics for the Scheme language, the only such
 implementation publicly available and currently serves on the
 Scheme Editors Committee, which is developing the Revised6 Report
 on the Algorithmic Language Scheme (R6RS), a standard for the
 Scheme programming language.

 Anton hosts the programming languages community weblog Lambda the
 Ultimate, founded by Ehud Lamm. He also hosts the Schematics
 Scheme Cookbook, and the Community Scheme Wiki.

 Directions to Trinity:

   Trinity Lutheran
   602 E. 9th St. & Ave B., on Tompkins Square Park

   From N,R,Q,W (8th Street NYU Stop) and the 4,5 (Astor Street Stop):
     Walk East 4 blocks on St. Marks, cross Tompkins Square Park.

   From F&V (2nd Ave Stop):
     Walk E one or two blocks, turn north for 8 short blocks

   From L (1st Ave Stop):
     Walk E one block, turn sounth for 5 short blocks

   The M9 bus line drops you off at the doorstep and the M15 is near get
   off on St. Marks & 1st)

   To get there by car, take the FDR (East River Drive) to Houston then
   go NW till you're at 9th & B.  Week-night parking isn't bad at all,
   but if you're paranoid about your Caddy or in a hurry, there is a
   parking garage on 9th between 1st and 3rd Ave.

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