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Re: GPLv3 comedy unfolding -- INQUIRER: "Torvalds remains unconvinced by

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: GPLv3 comedy unfolding -- INQUIRER: "Torvalds remains unconvinced by GPL3"
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 12:50:58 +0200

Torvalds remains unconvinced by GPL3 

Backward step

By INQUIRER newsdesk: Tuesday 12 June 2007, 11:07

LINUX TORVALDS is not convinced that the upcoming third version of the
General Public Licence (GPLv3) is a good thing. 
"I still think GPLv2 is simply the better licence," Torvalds wrote in a
posting to the Linux Kernel Developer mailing list on Sunday. 

The kernel forms the core of the operating system, but Linux
distributions contain code from many other open source projects. An
estimated 80 per cent of all open source projects are governed by the

Torvalds weilds the power to vet contributions to the Linux kernel and
can decide to change the licence shoud he feel like it. His disapproval
of the forthcoming licence may have mellowed in recent months but,
evidently, he still has his doubts. 

"I was impressed in the sense that it was a hell of a lot better than
the disaster that were the earlier drafts," he said. 

Torvalds previously dismissed the licence as "religious". He is
sceptical about its attempts to prevent the use of digital rights
management and its efforts to undermine the Novell-Microsoft

He also killed speculation that the Linux kernel would use a dual
licence, allowing users and distributors to choose between GPLv2 and
GPLv3, describing it as "unlikely and technically quite hard" but at
least "possible in theory". 

No major open source distros have yet lined up behind the GPLv3. Sin
Microsystems has been one of its most vocal supporters so far,
suggesting that it might choose the licence for its Solaris operating
system. But it won't make up its mind before the final version of the
licence has been published. 

Asked about the possibility of Solaris under GPLv3. Torvalds said: "I
don't think the GPLv3 is as good a licence as v2, but on the other hand,
I'm pragmatic, and if we can avoid having two kernels with two different
licences and the friction that causes, I at least see the reason for

"As it is, I don't really see a reason at all [to adopt GPLv3 for the
Linux kernel]." 

The GPLv3 is in the "final call" draft stage. A final version is
scheduled for publication by the end of this month. ยต 



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