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possible GPL violation: protein folding scientific project

From: RezaRob
Subject: possible GPL violation: protein folding scientific project
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 19:46:27 -0700
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This would _appear_ to be a violation (I'm not sure):

The folding@home project is a massive scientific effort to understand
proteins and disease.  It uses thousands of "spare" CPU's and GPU's at
people's homes to do the job.

The project FAQ states:  "Why don't you post the source code?
Most of the critical parts of FAH are publicly available. The Tinker
Gromacs source codes can be downloaded and run. Unlike many computer
projects, the paramount concern is not functionality, but the
integrity, and posting the source code in a way that would allow
to reverse engineer the code to produce bogus scientific results would
make the whole project pointless."
( )

Yet, the Gromacs project which it refers to, states:
"GROMACS is Free Software, available under the GNU General Public
( )

I find it hard to imagine how the folding @ Home project could operate
without being a "derivative" work "based" on Gromacs.

Would you please advice if this is a GPL violation?

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license <dash> violation at gpl <dash>


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