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How do I write an Open Source Book?

From: Artificer
Subject: How do I write an Open Source Book?
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 14:58:11 -0700
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I am writing a book that I think could be useful for many developers.
I want to freely distribute the book and I want that readers could
distribute the book and create derivate work from it but I want to
retain some level of control or ownership over the book. For example
if a "Second Edition" of the book is made it should be written by me
or under my authorization. Also I would like that if somebody create a
book derived from mine them a reference to my book should be included
indicating that this book is a derived work from my book. Is there any
GPL or BSD license that provides me with these characteristics? I am
being unreasonable by expecting this kind of "protection" from a

Also after choosing a license like the BSD Documentation License or
the GNU Documentation License how do I make my book to be considered
covered by this license? Just by including a mention to it with the
document or do I have to register the book somewhere in order to be
actually be covered?

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