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Re: Software Patents

From: Lee Hollaar
Subject: Re: Software Patents
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 18:15:46 -0600 (MDT)

In article <> rjack <rjack@com> 
>I have my rants and you have yours:
>"The fact is, whenever a company invents a new technology, it's never
>sure whether it's going to get sued or not," Hollaar continues. "Well,
>that's life. . .

Interesting quote, quite out of context.

For anybody actually reading the article (which starts on page 1, but
jumps to page 14, with the quote on page 15), you'll see that it is
about all the terrible things that will come from the passage of the
Induce Act (s. 2560 in the last Congress).

The bill never passed, but the Supreme Court adopted inducement as its
theory in the Grokster case.  (Maybe because of an amicus brief that
I submitted.)  And have all the dire predictions about the Induce Act
come true in the two years since the Grokster decision?  Nope.

Which has little to do with whatever has a bee in your bonnet ...

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