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Gnash Question...

From: FiachraFiachra
Subject: Gnash Question...
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 13:23:17 -0700
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Hope i'm in the right place to ask this and if i am i hope it's not
such a silly question...

anyway: I want to get into web design; specifically implementing Flash
on web pages.

i've done some basic web design a couple of years back but failed to
jump on the ole Flash bandwagon, but i now see from browsing the web
how Flash can free things up creatively.  However, being broke as a
fart, i don't want to shell out for Flash Pro and came across, via
wikipedia, an alternative called Gnash.  Can i create webpages using
Gnash in a similar way?  maybe this is really obvious but i'm drowning
in a sea of jargon and terminology and starting to feel like a
grandad.  not that theres anythig wrong with a grandad getting into
flash or gnash.  i would be creating webpages for things like bands,
where there's not much in the way of buying things online and filling
in forms etc., rather presentation via cool looking graphics and
things etc.

I hope i make sense.  If anyone could enlighten me in plain english i
would be most grateful and promise to learn all the techytalk in the

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