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Re: It's all context

From: Andy Baxter
Subject: Re: It's all context
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 17:14:04 -0000
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On Wed, 06 Jun 2007 15:56:08 -0500, rjack wrote:

> There is no magic bullet to fight Microsoft's patent hegemony except 
> other independently obtained software process patents. Let the education 
> process begin for open source programmers. The dream of the GPL freeing 
> programmers to do what they do best --- write source code --- is simply 
> a dream. Without expending sufficient time and resources learning the 
> legal methods for software patent applications, open source software 
> projects will become an evolutionary dead end unless these projects seek 
> out a corporate "patent" sugar daddy to protect them.
> Microsoft is TERRIFIED of the thought of software patents in the hands 
> of the little guy.
> rjack

Wouldn't it be 

a) cheaper
b) more in the spirit of free software
c) more likely to succeed

just to register any code that you consider might constitute a patent with
a public notary, so that at a later date it can be used as evidence that
any patent which someone later claims on that idea is invalid? (I.e.
because there is already 'prior art' embodying the idea).


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