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Re: GNU diff -x on win does exclude patterns with back slash (\) or slas

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: GNU diff -x on win does exclude patterns with back slash (\) or slash (/)
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 20:14:10 -0600
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Hello yzz,

You have sent your message to gnu-misc-discuss, a mailing list for
discussion of the GNU Project, free software, the GNU Manifesto and
other related topics.  But this mailing list is not the right forum
for your message asking for technical help with diff on cygwin.

Your message would be appropriate for either
where 'diff' issues are discussed or, since you are using Cygwin, the
Cygwin mailing lists at would perhaps be
the best for your question.

Please repost your question to one of those mailing lists.  That will
get you to the right place to get help.


yzz wrote:
> Using 2.7-cygwin-990830 on Win XP SP2
> having problems running a directory comparison with excluded paths if
> the exclude path involves using back slash
> for example if i run
> diff -u -q -r -x foo.c <src path> <dest path>
> (foo.c is missing from the sub-folder bar that is under dest)
> foo.c get excluded
> but if I run
> diff -u -q -r -x bar\diff.c  <src path> <dest path>
> foo.c does not get excluded
> Thanks

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