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Re: Are Microsoft¹s patent lawyers really this dumb?

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: Are Microsoft¹s patent lawyers really this dumb?
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2007 15:49:06 -0400
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In article <85lkdrxi7h.fsf@lola.goethe.zz>, David Kastrup <> 

> Kurt Häusler <> writes:
> > On Sun, 08 Jul 2007 22:36:20 +1200, Jonathan Walker wrote:
> >
> >
> >> If *you* own the copyrights, then *you* can choose what license you want
> >> to release the software under.
> >> 
> >> If your company owns the copyrights, then your company can choose what
> >> license it wants to release the software under.
> >> 
> >> Copyright ownership is the important thing - not patents.
> >
> > Well that's an issue in itself, I am now unsure who owns it.
> The author, unless he has a contractual default transferring ownership
> of his works in company time to the employer.

Or if it's a "work for hire", i.e. writing the software is part of your 
job, in which case the employer is normally the owner.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
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