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Re: Is it OK to use my rewritten GNU program commercially?

From: sourceview
Subject: Re: Is it OK to use my rewritten GNU program commercially?
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 20:13:49 -0000
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On Jul 13, 9:31 pm, Inventor <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have released my sports prediction software under the GNU GPL, folks
> are using it, and I plan to add the latest features for a 'final'
> release.  The first version is a klugy hodgepodge of code with only a
> command line interface, and now that I am learning the beginnings of
> OOP and CGI, I am rewriting the program from scratch with a web front-
> end.  The new code will have the same algorithm as the old code, but
> is completely new in every other way.
> My friend wants to possibly commercialize the new code someday,
> setting up a web page and charging for either access or software or
> datafeed.  Now, i'm fairly sure we could charge for datafeed since
> that is not the program, just the data for the program, but could we
> charge for access or software of the new program?  I would keep the
> old program on the web for free in any case.
> Is it OK to commercialize the new rewritten version, or have I given
> that away for free as well?  Also, is it OK that we would have a free
> command line version and a paid web version, or is that just plain
> wrong to do?  I think it's OK because the new program is totally new,
> but i thought I'd ask wiser folks to be sure.
> Thanks in advance,
> Inventor

if you are the copyright holder, and you released your own work to the
GPL (a bad move in my perspective) you can certainly take your
rewritten code and market it as a commercial product -- you can even
make money on it, you can even put in ways to copy protect it,
trademark it etc.  Go ahead and register a copyright with the US
Government, so that when thieves start stealing you blind, you can sue
them for $50,000 per individual theft.  My suggestion is that you
totally divorce yourself from the GPL version through a new domain,
etc.  Mysql is the most stolen GPL software on the market.  Ask their
advice on dual licenses.

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