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NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 17 July 2007 NYLUG: Python Workshop

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 17 July 2007 NYLUG: Python Workshop
Date: 17 Jul 2007 13:13:50 -0400

  what="official NYLUG announcements">

 From: Ron Guerin <>
 To: NYLUG Announcements <>
 Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 09:00:01 -0400 (EDT)
 Subject: [nylug-announce] NYLUG Upcoming Events and meeting podcast,
        RSVP open for August General Meeting

 NYLUG Meeting Podcasts:
 The podcast for June is now available at:

 Our previous podcasts can be found on the meeting pages at:

 The next NYLUG Python Workshop is this Tuesday:
  Date & Time: Tuesday, July 17th 2007 at 6:00PM-8:00pm

     Location: The Hudson Library at 66 Leroy St.
               No RSVP required

 Mailing List:

         Info: Want to learn Python? Interested in helping us create
               the next NYLUG site with Python/Django?  Got an
               interesting project you want to share?  This workshop is
               for you!

         Misc: We will continue meeting on a bi-weekly basis at
               the Hudson Library, The Hudson Library at 66 Leroy St
               New York, NY 10014. We meet in the basement. Enter the
               library and head to the back. If the door is closed
               when you arrive you can ask the manager of the library
               for the keys to the room if you're comfortable opening
               up the basement, or you can wait for some of the others
               to arrive.

 This workshop is for beginners as well as more experienced developers,
 and is not limited to Python.  Among the projects the workshop is working
 on is the new NYLUG site, specifically our Jobs site, which is being
 redeveloped as a Django application.

 Those wishing to attend the workshop do not need to RSVP, but it's
 helpful to post to the workshop mailing list if you're going to be there.

 The next NYLUG General meeting is open for RSVP:
  Date & Time: Tuesday, August 14th 2007 at 6:30PM
     Location: Google, 76 9th Ave.
      RSVP at:
       Status: registering
    RSVP ends: Tuesday, August 13th 2007 at 2:30PM
      Speaker: Jim Gleason
        Title: ( Applying Open Source Lessons to Energy and Greening of
                 Datacenters )

 Please join us for Jim Gleason's first presentation to NYLUG.  Jim will
 be talking to us about applying open source lessons to make computing more
 Hire expert Linux talent by posting jobs here ::
 nylug-announce mailing list

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Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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