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Re: Why distrust M$, but trust Sun?

From: Paul Bramscher
Subject: Re: Why distrust M$, but trust Sun?
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 22:57:24 -0500
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:
____/ on Thursday 26 July 2007 01:34 : \____ did eloquently scribble:

It has been my observation that most of the Linux users
that I have encountered tend to use OpenOffice, which is
a Sun Microsystems product. It's a decent product, too.
It works well and probably better than KOffice. But
it occurred to me recently, what is to keep Sun from
putting spyware in OpenOffice, for instance on behalf
of the NSA? Are they an especially ethical company?
Open office is OPEN source, if they tried that someone would see it in
there. And besides, open office might've been initially released by sun but
it is independent of them. develop open office.

For the sun version you want the closed source open office derivative "Star

Earlier today (elsewhere), someone else was trying to posion people's minds
against ODF, Sun, and StarOffice. , who are you and who are you with?

Well, it could be merely Sun's "lost leader" to help kill M$'s domination with Office. But who cares? As others have indicated it's open source. But even more importantly, it's free as in free beer...

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