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Re: Using non-GPL libraries in a GPL program

From: rjack
Subject: Re: Using non-GPL libraries in a GPL program
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 13:23:08 -0400
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David Kastrup wrote:
rjack <> writes:

David Kastrup wrote:

That they can't bring the identical case a second time.  Why would they,
when they got an agreement to compliance?


Question:  For what use is an unenforceable agreement?

Answer:    The same use as an unenforceable GPL license. Toilet paper.

Rjack :)

--- "Although the United States Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. ยงยง 101- 1332, grants exclusive jurisdiction for infringement claims to the federal courts, those courts construe copyrights as contracts and turn to the relevant state law to interpret them."; Automation by Design, Inc. v. Raybestos Products Co., 463 F.3d 749, (United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit 2006) ---

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