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Re: Software Fictional Licensing Center (SFLC) Files Another Round of GP

From: amicus_curious
Subject: Re: Software Fictional Licensing Center (SFLC) Files Another Round of GPL Violation Lawsuits
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 11:27:02 -0400

"Alexander Terekhov" <> wrote in message">

"All of the previous lawsuits have resulted in out-of-court settlements
requiring the defendants to distribute source code in compliance with
the GPL."

In every one of the cases that I have managed to find that had any detail, the "compliance" involved was publishing the source of the original GPL product used. There doesn't seem to be any instance of the defendant publishing any new code. This seems kind of pointless in that these cases involve situations where the end user, who is given the access to the the source, is very unlikely to care. For Verizon, who gives a hoot about the code used inside one's cell phone or modem or switch or whatever? If it doesn't work, it will go back to the store for credit, no one is going to re-write the code inside to fix it. Except maybe some COLA guy, but they can find the source somewhere else anyway.

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