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Re: Red Hat pays $800,000 + costs for a patent deal

From: Hadron
Subject: Re: Red Hat pays $800,000 + costs for a patent deal
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 02:59:15 +0200
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Miles Bader <> writes:

> Linonut <linonut@bollsouth.nut> writes:
>> Does that mean Terekhov is the smart one?
> Terekhov is the rabid one.
> -Miles

Would you like to post some examples of this "rabid" behaviour then
"Miles"? I only ever see him post corrections backed up with supportive

"Your Ref header shows The "kustomkomputer" troll nymshifted again?"
                  -- William Poaster <> boring people to 
death with his header compulsion in comp.os.linux.advocacy

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