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Copyright issues

From: Anas R.
Subject: Copyright issues
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 00:00:04 -0700

Hi all,

Couple of days ago I've released a modified version of the last GPLd version of 
which was in 2004.
My modifications were:
- The installation and the shell integration
- Refining and formatting the web documentation and associating it with the 
- Replacing graphic items (icons/toolbars)
- Some little modifications in the executable program itself. 
I've called My work "Notepad3", and I've wrote the following in the "About" 

 Notepad3 1.0
(c) [myname] [year]

Notepad2 1.0.12
(c) Florian Balmar [year]

GPL 2.0 Notice

My question is: Am I broking GPL 2.0? Do I do anything wrong ligally or 

This question will lead to several questions:

What's software?
Code/compiled code?
Code + Documentation + Installation

If the first:
Do little modifications made for specific software deserves a copyright notice?
If the second:
Does the (About) dialog represent the executable program or the product as a 
whole: executable + documentation + installation

Best regards, 
-       Anas R.

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