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Re: Free software, free speech, human dignity

From: John Hasler
Subject: Re: Free software, free speech, human dignity
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2008 09:30:42 -0500
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Andreas Röhler writes:
> First thing is human dignity...

Please define human dignity.

> ...the right of free speech is derived from it.

So you say.

> As we are human beings, we should not risk being injailed for our
> publishings for example, as it's the case nowadays.

Less so nowadays than through most of history, actually.

> From human dignity results: every law, every treaty must be
> understandable by the leverage intelligent, or to say by the majority.

Talk to your politicians.

> That affects GPL: We should neither need nor maintain special counselling
> firms to tell the contents of the GPL. If it is so, it's wrong, it
> violates human dignity the extent, counselling is needed.

The GPL is neither law nor treaty.  It's degree of complexity is, however,
partially dictated by laws over which the FSF has no control.

> If FSF violates human dignity by itself, it will not be taken serious
> claiming derived minor items as free Software.

What does that mean?
"Things should be as simple as possible, and no simpler"  --A. Einstein.
John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, WI USA

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