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Taboo Subject

From: rjack
Subject: Taboo Subject
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 07:25:13 -0400
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The Software Freedom Law Center has paid Eben Moglen over $437,000 in salary
from charitable tax-free contributions in the last two years, yet I see no GPL
defenders stepping forward to comment on this fact.

Taboo subject? Cat got their tongue?

I am beginning to see that Eben Moglen is not quite the quintessential socialist
that his writings imply he is.

It seems that Eben doesn't mind capitalism so much when the charitable contribution coins are sliding into his pockets at the rate of $4192 per week.

How many GPL programmers (Eben's flock) are making over $4000 a *week* from "free" software? $4K will fill your tank more than once at $4/gal...

Could it be that Eben is fleecing his flock?


-- The hardest part of fleecing a sucker is convincing him to show his gratitude for getting screwed --

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