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Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code

From: Richard Heathfield
Subject: Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 12:03:18 +0000
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peter koch said:


> My guess would be that there is loads of C-based
> software around. Speaking for myself, I have been developing
> commercial software in C from the days before C++ became popular. The
> software was a financial package which is still today very
> successfull.
> I was one of the programmers evaluating C++ as a replacement and even
> though I liked it very much, I had to reject it: we programmed for a
> segmented  architecture (yes - it was so long ago!), and the current C+
> + compilers we found did not have sufficiently good support for that.
> Had the compiler given us suficient support for the architecture, I
> would certainly have recommended C++.
> Also many of the database-products out there (e.g. Oracle) are written
> mostly or entirely in C.

Re-post (as far as I'm aware, I first posted this back in 2006):

An Oracle programmer (a very good one, I hasten to add) once told me of a
chap who came to his place of work in the early 1990s, attempting to
persuade them to convert from C to C++. The poor chap spent an hour or so
presenting an object-oriented database methodology to the Oracle guys. He'd
obviously worked very hard on it. As he was winding up his presentation and
heading rapidly towards "are there any questions?", he suddenly noticed
that just about everybody in the room was regarding him with utter
astonishment. He panicked, and said "What's the matter? Have I got
something wrong?" Came the reply, "No, no, maybe one or two bits could be
improved here or there... it's broadly okay though... but - we did all this
*years* ago! And you want us to write it *again*?"

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