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Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code

From: Richard Heathfield
Subject: Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 20:47:38 +0000
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[followups set to clc]

James Kanze said:


> You can't really do accounting in C, for example,

Really? How strange. I've done loads of accounting in C. (But then I've 
always been good at doing the impossible.)

> because it has neither a
> built in decimal type (like Cobol), nor operator overloading on
> user defined types (like C++).

You don't need either of those to do accounting.

> More generally, C is pretty bad for text handling as well.

It's easily good enough, given that just about the first thing most people 
do in C is start work on their text-handling libraries.

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