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Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code

From: Richard Heathfield
Subject: Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 20:34:02 +0000
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> Willem <> wrote:
>> In other words: There cannot be any commercial applicaiton written in C,
>> because in your view it is not well suited to one or two application
>> types you can think of.
> I don't think that's what James meant.  I think when he said "commercial
> application", he really meant "business data processing application".  C
> really *isn't* well suited to most BDP applications, so his statement is
> much more reasonable when interpreted that way.

Whether you have interpreted him correctly is not for me to say, but what I 
am in a position to say is that I've written plenty of "BDP" applications 
in C, and I found it a very suitable language for the purpose. That is not 
to say that there are no other such languages, of course, but it's one of 
the better ones. I've used quite a few languages for "BDP", and I'd rank C 
in the top two of those few. Whether I'd place it first or second is a 
tough call. (C++ ranks a close third in my estimation.)

> But I still suspect
> that there are at least a few BDP applications written in C nonetheless.

Loads. Absolutely loads.

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