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Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code

From: Wolfgang Draxinger
Subject: Re: C++ equivalent to spaghetti code
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 22:38:33 +0200
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David Kastrup wrote:

> Well, message passing, the fundamental defining characteristic
> of OOP (I mean, this is what made Smalltalk revolutionary with
> regard to programming techniques and gave it its name) requires
> you to switch sustained execution contexts, basically switching
> to a different stack, eveery object having its own control
> flow.  Synchronous multithreading or whatever you want to call
> it.  That's what OO is actually about.  The in-memory and
> synchronous in-process equivalent to separate applications with
> separate control flow talking to one another via pipes.

The language I'm currently developing uses C as an intermediate.
And in this language message passing is one of the core
machanisms. And yes, of course message passing is possible, you
just may not implement it in form of simple function calling.

The runtime of my language implements a message dispatcher, that
delivers messages to each object on the reciever list. An object
can decide if it accepts the message and processes it, or if it
passes it on, or accepts and re-yields the message. For example
it is possible to send a message in a way, that it will be
passed up in the hierachy of object instances.

Wolfgang Draxinger
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