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Re: Circumventing the GPL

From: Tim Smith
Subject: Re: Circumventing the GPL
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 23:38:01 -0700
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In article <Gl5ik.3482$>,
 Hyman Rosen <> wrote:

> Tim Smith wrote:
> > If you are distributing your copies
> What gave you the right to make copies?

GPL.  For example, suppose I run a small business.  I have 20 computers.  
I want to install some GPL software on them Monday.  Over the weekend, I 
download the software at home, and make 20 copies, on 20 CDs.  I happen 
to be out of CD-RW discs, so I burn to CD-R.

Monday, I take the 20 CDs to the office, and install on all 20 machines, 
feeling pretty impressed about how I saved a lot of time by having 20 
CDs so I could install on all 20 machines in parallel.

I have no more use for the 20 CDs, and since they are CD-R, not CD-RW, I 
can't erase them.  So I put them up for sale on eBay, like I do with all 
surplus equipment.

The copies were pretty clearly made lawfully under GPL.  I am clearly 
the owner of the copies.  So, why can't I take advantage of first sale 
and sell them, without the need of copyright permission?

--Tim Smith

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