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Re: SFLC's GPL court enforcement -- track record

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: SFLC's GPL court enforcement -- track record
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 22:18:57 +0200

Alexander Terekhov wrote:
> Yet another delay ("07/16/2008 3 ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge
> Richard M. Berman from Daniel B. Ravicher dated 7/14/08") AND blog
> announcement of yet another "settlement."
> (from PACER... final order is not yet available on PACER as of
> 07/24/2008 13:55:26 ET)

07/28/2008 4  NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal pursuant to Rule 41(a)(1) of
the F.R.C.P., without prejudice, and without costs to any party. Clerk
to close this case. (Signed by Judge Richard M. Berman on 7/28/08) (cd)
(Entered: 07/28/2008) 

The track record is sorta getting better! LOL.

1. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.
2. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.
3. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.
4. Voluntary Dismissal With Prejudice.
5. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.


(GNG is a derecursive recursive derecursion which pwns GNU since it can
be infinitely looped as GNGNGNGNG...NGNGNG... and can be said backwards
too, whereas GNU cannot.)

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