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NYC LOCAL: Saturday 23 August 2008 HarvestWorks: Dan St.Clair: Introduct

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Saturday 23 August 2008 HarvestWorks: Dan St.Clair: Introduction to Supercollider
Date: 21 Aug 2008 12:46:25 -0400

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 Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 09:34:22 -0400
 Subject: [class] SuperCollider Class this Saturday!
 From: Harvestworks <>


 Dan St.Clair
 Saturday, August 23, 12 noon - 6pm.
 Supercollider is a free environment and programming language for real time
 audio synthesis and algorithmic composition.

 HARVESTWORKS Digital Media Arts Center
 596 Broadway, Suite 602 (at Houston St)
 New York, NY 10012
 Subway: F/V Broadway/Lafayette, 6 Bleeker, W/R Prince

 Class cost: $220 for members, $280 for non-members. Membership is
 $75/yr. To sign up, go to our website:
 - then click on "Audio". You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

 SuperCollider 3 is a software environment for sound synthesis,
 performance, and live coding..  It has an extensive library of
 hundreds of unit generators and is well suited to projects that
 require the dynamic creation of multiple synthesis patches or
 high level compositional abstractions.  Supercollider is "free"
 software distributed under the Gnu Public License and is
 available at .  While
 SuperCollider is constantly evolving through a particularly
 active developer and user community a stable version (3.2)
 is available that serves as the reference version for a book that
 is forthcoming from MIT press.

 SuperCollider 3 separates synthesis from control into separate
 applications: a synthesis server and an object oriented
 programming language. This creates a very open and adaptable
 environment.  For example, one copy of the language to control
 multiple servers, providing a simple way to take advantage of the
 multi-processing capabilities of current computers.  It is also
 possible for multiple performers to share a single server or to
 play material on one another's machines. The synthesis server can
 be controlled by any application that supports the OSC protocol,
 such as Java or Max/MSP (see

 Teacher Bio:

 Dan St. Clair makes sound installations and performances that
 playfully reconsider our daily listening habits. He has exhibited
 in public spaces and galleries in Berlin, Vienna, Seoul,
 Shanghai, and across the USA. His piece Call Notes (2006) uses
 SuperCollider in conjunction with solar-powered digital circuitry
 to synthesize the sound of birds singing popular melodies. Dan
 graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Sound
 Department in 2006, and from Wesleyan University in 2004. He has
 studied with Nic Collins, Mary Jane Jacob, Ron Kuivila, and Anne

 Harvestworks is a nonprofit Digital Media Arts Center that provides
 resources for artists to learn digital tools and exhibit experimental
 work created with digital technologies.  Our programs are made possible
 with funds from New York State Council on the Arts, the National
 Endowmentfor the Arts, the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Materials
 for the Arts, The Experimental TV Center, the Mary Flagler Cary Trust,
 the Aaron Copland Fund, mediaThe foundation, the Foundation for Con-
 temporary Art, the Jerome Foundation, the Argosy Foundation and the
 New York State Music Fund.

 HARVESTWORKS Digital Media Arts Center
 596 Broadway, Suite 602 (at Houston St)
 New York, NY 10012
 Tel: 212-431-1130
 Subway: F/V Broadway/Lafayette, 6 Bleeker, W/R Prince

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Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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