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Re: Why GnuZilla?

From: Christian Herenz
Subject: Re: Why GnuZilla?
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 16:23:57 +0200
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John Hasler wrote:

> Christian writes:
>> As a Debian User I use Icedove, Iceweasel and Icecat. So these are GPL'ed
>> versions of Mozilla Products, right?
> Wrong.  They are built from source identical in all respects (including
> licensing) to that used to build the programs distributed by Mozilla except
> for the absence of the Mozilla-owned trademarks and a few non-free files.
> Look here: <> and also in
> /usr/share/doc/iceweasel/copyright/

So... I still don't get it - what is different in Icecat - except from
the minor tweaks. Debian removed all Non-Free content, and the complete
project ist tri-licensed (GPL/LGPL/MPL). Could you maybe explain the
situation a little bit deeper.

And I still don't get why gNewSense does uses thier own rebranded
version and not IceCat.

>> > I understand, that the GnuZilla Project has made some minor tweaks to the
>> > original Firefox, but is that the only reason for having a different
>> > project?
> Unrelated.

I am new to this NG, so I am not familiar with the tone here - but at
the moment I am thinking if this will be my last post in this group.

Do you really think, that it is polite to answer to a serious question
with one word, without further explanation. Maybe, if you do not want to
communicate, you should not post in a newsgroup?


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