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Re: Why GnuZilla?

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Why GnuZilla?
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 03:35:45 -0400

   > In the case of GNUzilla, it is not just the absence of non-free
   > software, and trademark issues (the trademark issues are in either
   > case not important, since they can be worked around easily).  GNUzilla
   > adds quite a few new features (you can see a small list of some at

   I know. But isn't it possible to upgrade this features by simply adding
   extensions in debian? The featueres seem quite arbitary to me.

Debian is very much like Mozilla, they put freedom on second or third
place.  Debian for example recommends, and supports non-free software
to users; hence why we do not recommend it.  It is better to use
something like gNewSense, which is 100% free software.

   > The main reason for GNU Icecat is because Mozilla distributes non-free
   > software from their site, and one cannot in good conscious recommend
   > users to use Mozilla's software because of that.

   I also seem to get this point, sure - but does this also count for the
   packages in debian (Iceweasel and friends) and gNewSense. I just tested
   in Iceweasel the Add-On function - and indeed, there is a tab which says
   download Add-Ons, and I think these are pulled from the Mozilla Site,
   not from Gnuzilla. But I still would be able to surf with IceCat to the
   Mozilla Website and install their plugins? Or is there something like a
   warning message popping up: "Maybe Non-Free Software!!"?

The only right thing is to remove the non-free software; there is
never a reeason to recommend something that subjugates the rights of a

If GNUzilla lists add-ons that are non-free, then those should be
removed.  Could you check and send a mail to Giuseppet (the maintainer
of GNUzilla)?

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