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Re: SFLC's GPL court enforcement -- track record

From: Rahul Dhesi
Subject: Re: SFLC's GPL court enforcement -- track record
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 21:00:28 +0000 (UTC)
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Hyman Rosen <> writes:

>In any event, the BusyBox developers seem to have decided that having
>the manufacturer provide the GPLed sources is sufficiently in
>compliance with the GPL that they chose not to pursue Verizon. As the
>copyright holders, that is their privilege.

We should be careful to not draw too broad a conclusion.  The BusyBox
copyright holders are not pursuing a copyright lawsuit against Verizon
but we don't know the reasons.

Maybe they wish to conserve their litigation funds and they carefully
pick the most cost-effective battles. Or maybe Verizon is sufficiently
in compliance as you speculated (although it seems to not be). Or maybe
they have discussed the matter with Verizon, and Verizon agreed to take
corrective steps in the near future.  Or maybe they made some other
agreement with Verizon that benefits both parties. Or maybe they are
simply biding their time, and think that a small win now against one
defendant will help a bigger win later against another.  They are not
obliged to sue everybody all at once. There could be other reasons that
I overlooked that might occur to you if you gave this more thought
instead of jumping to a single conclusion.

You don't have the whole story and neither do I.

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