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Catch this post?

From: Rjack
Subject: Catch this post?
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2008 21:01:27 -0400
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Catch this Alexander?
Tim Ransom alias Tim Rancid is the Canadian script kiddie that
has been attempting to disrupt the SCOXQ.PK - SCO Group Inc.
Does the name sound familiar?

Re: OT: Yahoo censortard actually admits destroying board

>> Maybe one needs to attain a mastery of physics to be able to reconcile your conflicting arguments. <<

One doesn't need a mastery of any subject except life's lessons to understand what's going on.

There exist certain snot-nosed little Canadian script-kiddies who delight in self-deception. Some actually believe that posting under pseudonyms with the intent of disrupting bandwidth and gaining the adulation from a few other kiddies in a discussion group is "cute". To wit:

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Posted On: 2006-07-26 12:27:17
Subject: Re: SCO opposition must be silenced ?
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<<The ignore function is right there. Please use it.>>

I just went through the same argument with some maroon nymed fwadling over on IV. He apparently takes exception both to Zen's 'canonical' posts and my day5dome Amended Complaint posts.

Buddy here should just do what I do:

I put Zen in my ignore list after the first jillion times he posted them. He is the only person in it (I find that manually not reading things is even easier than clicking buttons). After around noon or so, I turn off my list, because by then his morning spam has usually scrolled off of the board. This is just in case he posts something that I may actually want to read later in the day.

It's not a perfect system, because sometimes I forget to turn off my list, but not having the same headlines screamed into my face every day over morning coffee is worth it.

Whether or not they are a help or a hindrance at this point is subjective.

I do recall that when we had the old format I bumped a couple once or twice to scroll ddt and his many responders off, so they were handy for that.

The text of this Yahoo Message Board post has been licensed for
copying and distribution by the Yahoo Message Board user
"" under the following license:

License: CCL Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike v2.0

Some few may view this behavior as enhancing your reputation for superior intellect.
Others will view it as for what it is -- pathetic.


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