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Re: and busybox fellows 'win' DEFAULT JUDGMENT

From: Tim Smith
Subject: Re: and busybox fellows 'win' DEFAULT JUDGMENT
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 03:31:13 -0700
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In article <>,
 Ben Pfaff <> wrote:
> Tim Smith <> writes:
> > I've searched for both authors named in the suit, and for Bruce
> > Parens
> The correct spelling of his last name is "Perens", not "Parens".
> (I have no idea whether that makes a difference.)

I spelled it right in the search, I think.  Anyway, just to be sure, I 
checked again.  No registrations from Bruce Perens.  In fact, no 
registrations from anyone named Perens.

There are 23 registrations from 6 people named Parens, for the curious.

--Tim Smith

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