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Re: GPL 2(b) HUH?

Subject: Re: GPL 2(b) HUH?
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 08:13:17 -0500
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On 2008-09-16, Rjack <> wrote:
> It is interesting to note that compiling the source code of standard
> program packages of independently authored c code (and assembler) like
> the Linux kernel does not create a derivative work. Some people think
> that compiling module1.c, module2.c, . . . into "-o prgm" translates
> the source code into a derivative work.
> e.g.: gcc -o prgm module1.c module2.c . . .
> There is absolutely *no* spark of originality added as gcc assembles the
> source code into an executable -- something thousands of people do also includes it's own versions of fundemental libraries.

Something you would be aware of if you had half a clue to rant with in
this area. The other half a clue is the fact that GCC is specifically
exempt from the strong GPL.


    Oracle and EA can figure this out. Why can't you?

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