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Is the GPL all encompassing?

From: Rjack
Subject: Is the GPL all encompassing?
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 11:49:07 -0500
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Assume I have the source code for the Linux 2.6 kernel. Suppose I
want to use just a piece of it. How small a piece does it have to be
before I'm no longer violating the GPL?

What my question is really; "At what point does the source code take
on a identifiable identity?" Its written in C (or at least a lot of
it is). Most of the constructs for C are defined in the language. So
you can't point to a specific subroutine or sort or whatever to say
this is copyrighted or its not. My guess is that "prior art" would
cover 95 to 99% of the "uniqueness" of any software product.
Programmers borrow ideas and algorithms constantly.,1000000567,10009357o-2000440676b,00.htm

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