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Re: Is the GPL all encompassing?

From: 7
Subject: Re: Is the GPL all encompassing?
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2008 21:56:05 GMT
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Micoshaft asstroturfing fraudster pounding the sock Rjack
wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft Department of Marketing:
> [n.1] Intimidation is clearly the sole intent of the BusyBox suits
> filed by the SFLC. The SFLC will *never*, *never* allow one of
> their bogus copyright suits to proceed to the stage where a judge
> actually construes the GPL under contract and copyright law.

You are 100% wrong and trying to rewrite history.
GPL has been tested in the courts over copyright violation
and those found violating it have been found guilty
as charged. They could have avoided the costs and
wrath of the courts had they just complied
with GPL copyright notification either by stopping
distribution of GPL'd code or by making sources
available. The party in question refused to stop
distribution and refused to make sources available
and lost their case.

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