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Re: GPL propaganda

From: Rjack
Subject: Re: GPL propaganda
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 22:05:11 -0500
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On 2008-09-26, Rjack <> wrote:
Andrew Halliwell wrote:
Rjack <> wrote:
The questions concerning enforceability of the provisions in the GPL
will occur in the federal courts according to prevailing law. (I do
not consider non-US jurisdictions.) Arguments concerning
enforceability should be grounded in references to prevailing
federal statutes and case law concerning the licensing of
intellectual property.
Why all the GPL FUD "jack"?
If you don't agree with the GPL, don't try to distribute any software under
simple as that.
1) Never have (distributed).

2) Do care about GPL advocates stealing other people's exclusive rights with an illegal copyright license.

     Yet the likes of Oracle and EA seem to manage well enough despite
of all of your bitching and moaning. This "problem" of yours only ever
manifests itself whenever you try to take someone else's property and
treat it as if it were your own.

You mean like using the illegal GPL?

     Avoid doing that and all of your ranting becomes completely moot.

     Use someone else's code in a commercial product and you better be
prepared to read and understand the fine print. Big news there (not)!

It's none of a GPL licensor's concern how I use someone else's commercial product.

Rjack :)

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