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Re: Now it's my compiler!

From: Moshe Goldfarb.
Subject: Re: Now it's my compiler!
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 12:27:11 -0400
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On Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:43:33 +0200, Hadron wrote:

> Rjack <> writes:
>> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, The Ghost In The Machine belched out
>>>   this bit o' wisdom:
>>>> On Sep 25, 1:25 pm, David Kastrup <> wrote:
>>>>> Rjack <> writes:
>>>>>>>> Now it gobbles up your compiler too.
>>>>>> "If you have used a proprietary, third-party compiler to build the
>>>>>> software, then you probably cannot ship it to your customers."
>>>>>> Cut the crap Hymen! The brave GNU World wants to control your
>>>>>> compiler.
>>>>> "it" obviously means the proprietary, third-party compiler.  Your
>>>>> reading comprehension appears a bit sub-standard.
>>>> OK, I'm missing something here.
>>> You certainly are, Ghost.
>>> Rjack is a troll.  Nothing more.
>>> If any company has concerns about the GPL, they will run it by their
>>> lawyers, not some Usenet wack job with a blatant agenda.
>> Looks like Bell Micro did just that!
>> Whatsa' matta' Chris? The cat pee in your Cheerios this morning?
>> Keep him off the kitchen table.
>> Sincerely,
>> Rjack :)
> Chris is the group "fluffer". He "me too"s to any one in need that he
> sees as an "advocate". Often from the kneeling position.
> He used to have a brain of his own but I think it suffocated and
> withered when he spent too long with his head up Roy's arse about 6
> months ago. Now you can actually see the strings which make him move:
> You will notice Roy's arm at the top:
> *LOL*, Sorry Liarmutt, but you must admit thats funny :-;


Pay no attention to that hand behind the curtain!!!

Moshe Goldfarb
Collector of soaps from around the globe.
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