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Re: Now it's my compiler!

From: Andrew Halliwell
Subject: Re: Now it's my compiler!
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2008 10:32:32 +0100
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Pete Chown <> wrote:
> Well I've got news for you!  The process of assimilation is proceeding 
> very nicely without your help.  Why do you think no one has heard from 
> Darl McBride recently?  Is it because he resigned from SCO?  Or is it 
> because he has been assimilated into the Free Software Foundation, and 
> now spends his days making the stale sandwiches that you too will be 
> eating one day?

Tsk, after all the damage he did, that was the worst job they could find for
him? I would've had him cleaning the sewers with his toothbrush.

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