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Re: Artifex v. Diebold: "The GPL is non-commercial!"

From: Robert
Subject: Re: Artifex v. Diebold: "The GPL is non-commercial!"
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 21:22:07 -0500
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Hyman Rosen wrote:

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>> I think you both need to tighten up your "legal" terms.
> You must be new here :-)

No, Chris is not new here, but of coarse, this is the comp.os.linux.advocacy
group. apparently, you have not been paying attention to the groups that the 
rjack & terekov troll has been crossposting to. please check the headers in
your newsreader for the groups that are being crossposted to before
posting. there is enough bullshit troll activity in COLA without you adding
to it.

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