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Re: Using proprietary graphics in a free program

From: Richard Tobin
Subject: Re: Using proprietary graphics in a free program
Date: 26 Feb 2009 17:19:56 GMT

In article <>,
Tord Romstad  <> wrote:

>The problem is that he plans to hire a professional graphics designer
>to draw the piece images and some other graphics, and to keep these
>graphical image files proprietary.  He asks me whether the GPL allows
>this, and I honestly don't know myself.  Does anyone here know more
>about this?

I suppose the question is whether the image files count as part of the
source code of the program.  If they are loaded at run-time, I would
guess that the answer is no, especially if you can configure the
program to load different ones.

But since you are the author, you can license it on any terms you
like.  Do you want him to be able to do this?  If so, you can add a
clause to your licence explicitly allowing it, regardless of whether
the vanilla GPL does.

-- Richard
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